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Welcome to the Paradise of the Luxembourg Ardennes

The Tourist Domain

More than a restaurant-hĂ´tel, it is a place for enchanting discoveries The tourist domain of the Luxembourg Ardennes at Asselborn invites you to a real return to the source: the Tratterbach river classified as Natura 2000 where the trouts rejoice fishers and gastronomes alike. Open here your mind to the beauties of nature, the song of the birds, the graceful flight of the butterflies and the dragon-flies, the concert of frogs and the sublime setting of the sun.

For an unforgettable natural , cultural and gastronomic stay, follow the guide to a magnificent lover’s haunt, a family event , a group or business meeting. Admire the details of historic objects used as utilitarian or decorative objects.

Respectful of the environment, our hotel has received the ECO Label delivered by the Ministry of Tourism since 2008. Don’t hesitate to leave your appreciations of our ecological efforts in our green book.

eco label

The mil

This ancient water-mill has crossed all the historic periods of the present Grand Duchy since 1036.

Today this charming hotel with its 15 rooms offers all the comfort of an authentic lodge, the Chalet suisse atmosphere of the rooms invites to a restful relaxation, The restaurant with its wood- fire chimney invites to a tasting of wine, the Mill museum plunges you back into the epoch of the milling process. Imagine this mixture of odours from dried cereals and freshly ground flour..

The Postal Relay station

DĂ©couvrir l’Auberge du Relais de la Poste d’Asselborn, c’est l’occasion d’une expĂ©rience unique. Dans un authentique bâtiment du XVIe siècle, crĂ©Ă© sur la route postale de Rome Ă  Anvers par les Thurn & taxis, venez revivre au temps de l’Ă©popĂ©e des routes postales Ă  travers l’Europe. De fabuleuses grillades au feu de bois prĂ©parĂ©es en salle. De grandes chambres Ă  thème dans un style harmonieux oĂą la dĂ©coration de charme vous transporte dans un univers très diffĂ©rent de l’Hotellerie traditionnelle.

Toute l’histoire du Relais pour en savoir plus (voir pdf)- Commandez la brochure (renvoi sur formulaire contact)

Approaches and philosophy

Authenticity, conviviality, personal welcome, the team of the domain is at your disposal to offer you a unique moment of pleasure, relaxing a discovery. The hostel of the Postal Relais is the result of the fabulous work of LĂ©on Nilles († 2016), professor of civil engineering, in love in old stones and old historical buildings.

This work gave birth to this exceptional place. The materials and buildings concept respond to the desire to bestow new life upon this 5 century-old by combining old and new materials.

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