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The Restaurant

With its wood-fire chimney-side, the Vieux Moulin restaurant  proposes an original regional high-standard  cuisine, based on fresh products. An ideal setting for your receptions, business appointments, your tête-à-tête dinners, your meetings with friends  and family.

Splendid terrace on the river-side.

Our Eco-Label guarantees you products of regional or national  origin

(Luxembourg beef, waters and beers , Rosport,  Bofferding,  Battin  , honey from Asselborn ,  Moselle wines) . We also stock a selection of Belgian beers.

We also propose certain products from biological agriculture and Fair trade:

Consult the menu or ask the staff. We also think of vegetarians and of people suffering from allergies (  to be specified in advance)  so as to be able to prepare specific dishes.

Opening hours: from 12 to 2 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.

Closed on Monday except in high season and  on feast- days.

For all bookings ,
please contact us.


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The toasted snails with garlic and fresh parsley young shoots








The terrine of foie gras in Noilly Prat and confit of shallots and house made ginger brioche








Homemade smoked salmon, creamy cheese with condiments




Cuisses de grenouilles, cream of garlic and parsley juice


The carpaccio of beef, salad of mesclun and Parmesan chips


The soup or velouté of the day












Roasted sea bream butter with capers and fresh parsley








The sole meunière and its potatoes








Roasted back salmon (in the oven) with garlic and tomatoes



Trattenbach Trout, Meunière, almonds or blue













Pure fillet of beef, fried Sauces: pepper, mushroom, béarnaise, Roquefort,








The cordon bleu sauce mushroom cream, french fries







Low-temperature Rumsteak lamb with fresh thyme and garlic







The bouchée à la reine , fries








Beef steak toasted with coarse rock salt Parmesan chips








Poultry supreme stuffed with forester pepper sauce













The burger with foie gras and in slivers cut duck with truffle juice








The burger with tartiflette and salad








The burger of the shepherd with fried cheese goat and honey













Pesto pasta, confit of tomato and olive and parmesan chips








The fried cheese goat and honey burger








The farandole of seasonal vegetables








Gluten-free pasta available on request















Nougat homemade ice cream with roasted dried fruit







Vanilla crème brûlée








Chocolate cake with mandarin sorbet








The Siberian omelette flambée in Grand Manier








The Traditional: Dame Blanche, Brazilian, Ice cream









Children's menu






1 dish +1 ice cream








Pasta ham cheese or bolognaise









Chicken nuggets Housemade, french fries








Cooked ham, fries, salad











The petite bouchée à la reine, fries, salad



Taste the excellent eggs of the Moulin of Asselborn










The “ Mille Stuff” Brasserie

Regional Specialities, snacks and refreshments’ card

Opening hours: running opening hours except on Tuesday in low season

All day long.

Subscribe to our newsletter  to obtain the dishes of the day and the special menus .

If you are  in a hurry, notify the booking desk- service guaranteed within a half-hour.

Restaurant Booking: tel + 352 99 86 16  

Friday , Saturday and Sunday afternoon : TEA ROOM

Pancakes /crêpes, cakes and home-made tarts


La carte de saison

The Relais Postal Restaurant

Our restaurant can be epitomized in one word : Authenticity
Cf existing text:that of the grilling over wood-fire prepared with the best regional products under your eyes
Specialties. Horse fillet , Burger maison
that of the building where the bare stone walls  turn into exhibition spaces for a great collection of telephones, radios and antique maps 

Booking : + 352 27 80 96-1




The Grill-Room “d’Haascht “

Bookings only for groups in ancient miller’s house from 10 to 30 persons Reservation 48 hours in advance