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You can reach our hotel via public transportation, especially via train. Notify us at the time of booking and we will pick you up at the Troisvierges station.

Are both hotels in the same place?

No, Le Relais Postal is located 1 km from the Hotel du Moulin.

Are dogs and other animals welcome?

Many of our rooms are available in animal-friendly versions. Be sure to check that the animal-friendly label is affixed to the room of your choice before booking for larger groups.

Where is the restaurant?

The restaurant and check-in are located at the Hotel du Moulin. Each of our hotels offers different benefits.

Moulin d’Asselborn
Op der Millen 1
L-9940 Asselborn

Tel : +352 99 86 16

Fax: +352 99 86 17

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Le Relais Postal
Posteck 5
L-9940 Asselborn

Tel : +352 27 80 96 1

Fax: +352 99 86 17

Directions on Google Maps